January 3, 2007

Welcome back to SCR

SCR — thomasr @ 3:38 pm

scrlogo.gifScience & Consciousness Review is now moving from the testing phase to a full implementation, with articles, regular headlines and more stuff added in general.

We are also accepting manuscripts and suggestions in general for our content. Please also send us your information about conferences, workshops and the like, pertaining to the study of consciousness.

We are also seeing a new addition to the SCR staff. Joining us from University of Toronto is Alice Kim, who is an undergraduate student at Endel Tulving’s lab. Alice will assist in the daily flow of content at SCR, and is our new Assistant Managing Editor.

You can read more about the SCR staff here

SCR will now focus on gaining and maintaining our flow of original articles, and on expanding the services of the site. Through SCR, we are hosting an online webcourse on the science of consciousness. We are also now opening for adding comments, and we hope to bring new options at the site.

SCR is a community-building effort. We thus call for resumes of published work — your own or by others — about the scientific study of consciousness. Please see this page for details.

Best wishes,
Thomas Z. Ramsøy, Managing Editor

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October 27, 2006

Now accepting comments and newsletter subscriptions

SCR — virgil @ 10:14 am

We’ve gone the past few weeks without any hiccups so user registration (for comments) and newsletter subscriptions are now open to all. Note that if you were previously subscribed to our newsletter you’ll have to resubscribe with the new system. There’s a new button on the left-hand menu that will take you to the newsletter subscription page.  Have at it. Update: The spam protection used at some .edu’s aren’t allowing incoming mail from sci-con.org.  If you’re having problems signing up, this is probably why.  We know about the problem and expect to have it fixed within a week.

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March 24, 2006

Write for us!

SCR — thomasr @ 6:20 am

Are you interested in writing articles for us? To review books, do surveys, and write resumes about recent scientific publications? We are open to suggestions. Neuroscientists, AI-programmers, and students alike are welcome to contribute to SCR.

Send us a brief note about yourself to Managing Editor.

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November 22, 2005

New Science & Consciousness Review is Live!

SCR — thomasr @ 11:40 pm

Update Oct 3, 2006 — This was our brief experiment with the TikiWiki CMS. We eventually switched.
This page probably looks different from how you remebered it. After a brief hiatus for reconstruction, the Science & Consciousness Review is back. Not only do we have fancy a new layout, but also a number of new features — we hope you like them. Some notable new features:

  • Registered users can post comments to news or featured articles
  • A nascent “File Downloads” section — we will be putting things like conference powerpoint slides and recordings here.
  • A nascent “Books” section — we will be compiling a list of recommend consciousness-related books here.
  • A revamped “Web Resources” section. You can even submit your own web resource(s) if we’ve left out a good one.
  • A new “Surveys” section.
  • Article/News categorization by topic. You can see all SCR Features or news articles on a particular subject. This will help SCR to become a more useful tool for reviewing the consciousness literature.
  • A much better search system!

Many of us are still getting the hang of the new system, so pardon any malformatting for the next few weeks. We haven’t migrated all of the old news articles into the new system yet, but we hope to have it all done within a few months. In the mean time, if you need access to older content that we haven’t moved over yet, use the Internet Archive copy.

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