September 10, 2007

Initiative: Decade of the Mind

ASSC,human nature,theory — thomasr @ 3:22 am

Dear all!

I would draw your attention to the letter  ‘A Proposal for a Decade of the Mind Initiative‘ by JAMES S. ALBUS, GEORGE A. BEKEY, JOHN H. HOLLAND, NANCY G. KANWISHER, JEFFREY L. KRICHMAR, MORTIMER MISHKIN, DHARMENDRA S. MODHA, MARCUS E. RAICHLE, GORDON M. SHEPHERD, GIULIO TONONI just now published in SCIENCE VOL 317 7 SEPTEMBER 2007 page 1321.

The authors propose a Decade of the Mind initiative. According to them (they represent its steering committee) it would build on progress of the recent Decade of the Brain (1990-99) and should in short focus on four broad, but intertwined areas:

  1. Healing and protecting the mind.
  2. Understanding the mind.
  3. Enriching the mind.
  4. Modeling the mind.

I strongly agree with the view that ‘present time ripe for breakthroughs in the study of the mind’ and sure the Decade proposed is extremely opportune initiative which will also positively influence on mind research in many countries outside the USA. Even the fact of publishing the letter concerning
the idea of the Decade could help to mind research progress worldwide.

The ASSC as a whole, all its members and all who are interesting in mind/brain, psychology, cognition, computer etc sciences should without doubt intensively support the Decade of the Mind initiative.


Petro Gopych,
Kharkiv, Ukraine

(From the PSYCHE mailing list)

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March 23, 2007

ASSC eprint archive

ASSC,web resource — virgil @ 7:03 pm

Scientists active in the field may already know about the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousnesseprint archive, but we haven’t mentioned it on SCR before and it was high-time we did. Check out the archive for a growing collection of fulltext academic papers on the scientific study of consciousness.

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October 6, 2006

ASSC: William James Prize

ASSC — thomasr @ 2:35 am

james_william3_med.jpgThe ASSC William James Prize for Contributions to the Study of Consciousness

Each year one prize is awarded for an outstanding published contribution to the empirical or philosophical study of consciousness by a graduate student or postdoctoral scholar/researcher within 5 years of receiving a PhD or other advanced degree.

The prize for 2007 consists of: a) An award of $1000 (USD), b) An invitation to present a plenary address at ASSC11 which will be held Friday June 22nd through Monday June 25th 2007 at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada (Travel, accommodation, and registration paid by ASSC), c) A lifetime membership in ASSC.

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