September 12, 2009


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First Announcement and Call for Abstractssoc

April 12-17, 2010
Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona

Sponsored by:

The Center for Consciousness Studies, The University of Arizona

Click here for conference website.

The ninth biennial Tucson conference Toward a Science of Consciousness will take place April 12-17, 2010 at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona. The Tucson conferences are known for rigorous, inter-disciplinary approaches to�understanding all aspects of the problem of conscious experience. As in previous conferences, the program will include Plenary and Keynote talks, Concurrent talks, Poster presentations, Art/Science demos and exhibits, Pre-Conference workshops, Side trips and Social events.

Session themes will include

Brain default networks
Stimulus-independent thought
Mind wandering
Non-conscious processing
Machine consciousness
Body consciousness
Self and Transformation
William James Centennial

Plenary and Keynote speakers will include

John Bargh
David Chalmers
Henrik Ehrsson
Ben Goertzel
Malia Mason
Marcus Raichle
Jonathan Schooler
Robert Shulmer
Jeff Warren

A major focus for the conference will be the inter-related topics of
Stimulus-independent thought, Brain default networks, Mind wandering, and
Unconscious processing.

Historically, brain correlates of consciousness have been approached along
hierarchical sensory processing, arousal and response. However recent work on
conscious brain activity in the absence of sensory inputs reveals brain default
networks, or the brains dark energy. �How does this activity relate to
consciousness? �To internally generated states like meditation, fantasy or mind
wandering? �To global workspace theory? �Is hierarchical thalamo-cortical
activity necessary for consciousness? �Or can the processes underlying
consciousness self-organize through synchrony?

We are pleased to have the two major pioneers in brain default networks as
keynote speakers. Marcus Raichle and Robert Shulmer (separately) have opened
doors on default networks, but have different views on their relation to

Jonathan Schooler and Malia Mason have imaged brain activity moving through
default networks, and correlating with mind wandering. �John Bargh has explored
non-conscious processes governing behavior, free will and the boundary between
conscious and nonconscious processes.
Other plenary session themes will include Body consciousness, with Henrik
Ehrsson on conscious awareness of body, and prosthetic devices, and Machine
consciousness, with AI leader Ben Goertzel discussing ‘bubbles of
awareness’ in computational systems. �Jeff Warren, author of �’Head Trip’
will give a first person experiential presentation. Other Plenary sessions being
planned include a William James Centennial, and Self and Transformation.

In addition to Keynote and Plenary talks, Pre-conference Workshops, Concurrent
Talks, Posters, Art/Tech Demos, Social Events, and Side Trips will occur in the
Tucson conference tradition.

For Information see:����

On behalf of the Program Committee – Toward a Science of Consciousness 2010
Stuart Hameroff �- Co-chair
David Chalmers �- Co-chair
Bernard Baars
Anthony Freeman
Al Kaszniak
Christof Koch
Uriah Kriegel
Hakwan Lau
Marilyn Schlitz

Abi Behar-Montefiore, Manager, Center for Consciousness Studies, University of
Arizona –

TSC 2010 Conference Abstract Submission System will be available via the CCS
website after September 20, 2009
Schedule of Deadlines – Tentative
November 15 � � �Abstracts Due
January 5 � � � � � Decisions
February 15 � � � Early Registration Due
March 1 � � � � � � �Final Abstract Edits Due

Call for Pre-Conference Workshop proposals
Toward a Science of Consciousness 2010
April 12-17, 2010

The ninth biennial Tucson conference Toward a Science of Consciousness will
occur April 12-17, 2010 at the Tucson Convention center, Tucson, Arizona

As in previous years, the opening Plenary session on Tuesday afternoon April 13
will be preceded by pre-conference workshops held in three 4 hour sessions
1) Monday April 12, 9 am to 1 pm
2) Monday April 12, 2 pm to 6 pm
3) Tuesday April 13, 9 am to 1 pm

The conference Plenary program opens Tuesday April 13 at 1:45 pm.

Proposals for pre-conference workshops are invited in all areas related to
understanding conscious experience. Workshops provide in depth, detailed
treatments of various methodologies, perspectives, reviews and approaches.
Workshops may be solo presentations, or include two or more presenters.
Attendance fees are $75 for 4 hour workshops and $125 for full day workshops,
split evenly between presenter(s) and the conference which provides the room,
A-V, promotion/advertisement and refreshments. A minimum number of registrants
will be required.

Workshop presenters (up to 2 per workshop) also receive free registration for
the conference. Please submit a 500 word (or less) abstract/summary and
presenter information by email (or attachment) directly to
Deadline for Workshop proposals is October 20, 2009. Submitters will be
notified by November 15.

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