November 17, 2008

BOOK: Frontiers of consciousness — The Chichele lectures

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Frontiers of ConsciousnessIn recent years consciousness has become a significant area of study in the cognitive sciences. The ‘Frontiers of Consciousness‘ is a major interdisciplinary exploration of consciousness. The book stems from the Chichele lectures held at All Souls College in Oxford, and features contributions from a ‘who’s who’ of authorities from both philosophy and psychology. The result is a truly interdisciplinary volume, which tackles some of the biggest and most impenetrable problems in consciousness.

The book includes chapters considering the apparent explanatory gap between science and consciousness, our conscious experience of emotions such as fear, and of willed actions by ourselves and others. It looks at subjective differences between two ways in which visual information guides behaviour, and scientific investigation of consciousness in non-human animals. It looks at the challenges that the mind-brain relation presents for clinical practice as well as for theories of consciousness. The book draws on leading research from philosophy, experimental psychology, functional imaging of the brain, neuropsychology, neuroscience, and clinical neurology.

Distinctive in its accessibility, authority, and its depth of coverage, ‘Frontiers of Consciousness’ will be a groundbreaking and influential addition to the consciousness literature.

  • Edited by two leading figures in psychology and philosophy of mind, and including contributions from an all star cast of scientists and philosophers
  • Unparalleled in its authority and depth of coverage


1. Consciousness and explanation , Martin Davies
2. Explanatory gaps and dualist intuitions , David Papineau
3. Emotional coloration of consciousness: how feelings came about , Joseph Le Doux
4. Emotion, higher order syntactic thoughts and consciousness , Edmund T Rolls
5. Conscious and unconscious visual processing in the human brain , A D Milner
6. Vision, action and awareness , Manos Tsakiris & Patrick Haggard
7. The social functions of consciousness , Chris D Frith
8. Are we studying consciousness yet? , Hakwan Lau
9. Beast machines? Questions of animal consciousness , Cecilia Heyes
10. Why a rat is not a beast machine , Anthony Dickinson
11. Does consciousness spring from the brain? Dilemmas of awareness in practice and theory , Adam Zeman
12. On the ubiquity of conscious-unconscious dissociations in neuropsychology , Lawrence Weiskrantz

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