March 5, 2008

Neuropsychologia special issue: Consciousness & Perception

Neuropsychologia hosts a special issue in relation to the work of Larry Weiskrantz. It contains a densely packed number of articles on the topic of blindsight and hindsights.

NeuropsychologiaVolume 46, Issue 3, Pages 771-926 (2008)

Consciousness and Perception: Insights and Hindsights - A Festschrift in Honour of Larry Weiskrantz
Edited by Arash Sahraie

1.     Editorial Board
Page CO2

2.     Surprises
Pages 771-773
L. Weiskrantz

Research Reports
3.     Two visual systems re-viewed
Pages 774-785
A.D. Milner and M.A. Goodale

4.     A hand in blindsight: Hand placement near target improves size perception in the blind visual field
Pages 786-802
Liana E. Brown, Greg Kroliczak, Jean-François Demonet and Melvyn A. Goodale

5.     Interhemispheric transfer and integration of imagined visual stimuli
Pages 803-809
S. Savazzi, F. Mancini and C.A. Marzi

6.     Reaction time inhibition from subliminal cues: Is it related to inhibition of return?
Pages 810-819
Sonia Mele, Silvia Savazzi, Carlo A. Marzi and Giovanni Berlucchi

7.     Affective blindsight in the intact brain: Neural interhemispheric summation for unseen fearful expressions
Pages 820-828
Marco Tamietto and Beatrice de Gelder

8.     Consciousness and its function
Pages 829-840
David M. Rosenthal

9.     Single neuron studies of inferior temporal cortex
Pages 841-852
Charles G. Gross

10.     Colour constancy and conscious perception of changes of illuminant
Pages 853-863
John L. Barbur and Karoline Spang

11.     Attended but unseen: Visual attention is not sufficient for visual awareness
Pages 864-869
R.W. Kentridge, T.C.W. Nijboer and C.A. Heywood

12.     A blindsight conundrum: How to respond when there is no correct response
Pages 870-878
Alan Cowey, Iona Alexander and Petra Stoerig

13.     Temporal properties of spatial channel of processing in hemianopia
Pages 879-885
Arash Sahraie, Ceri T. Trevethan and Mary-Joan MacLeod

14.     Ipsilesional and contralesional sensorimotor function after hemispherectomy: Differences between distal and proximal function
Pages 886-901
H.C. Dijkerman, F. Vargha-Khadem, C.E. Polkey and L. Weiskrantz

15.     Dissociation of egocentric and allocentric coding of space in visual search after right middle cerebral artery stroke
Pages 902-914
Cathleen Grimsen, Helmut Hildebrandt and Manfred Fahle

16.     Modular structure of awareness for sensorimotor disorders: Evidence from anosognosia for hemiplegia and anosognosia for hemianaesthesia
Pages 915-926
Lucia Spinazzola, Lorenzo Pia, Alessia Folegatti, Clelia Marchetti and Anna Berti

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