February 25, 2008

Emotion — new issue

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A new issue of Emotions is out, with articles on the inter- and intrapersonal functions of smiling, emotion and time perception, and the automaticity of emotion recognition.


Volume 8, Issue 1,  Pages 1-150 (February 2008)

Smiling in the Face of Adversity: The Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Functions of Smiling
Pages 1-12
Anthony Papa and George A. Bonanno

Fifty Years of Memory of College Grades: Accuracy and Distortions
Pages 13-22
Harry P. Bahrick, Lynda K. Hall and Laura A. Da Costa

Risk for Mania and Positive Emotional Responding: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Pages 23-33
June Gruber, Sheri L. Johnson, Christopher Oveis and Dacher Keltner

Counter-Regulation in Affective Attentional Biases: A Basic Mechanism That Warrants Flexibility in Emotion and Motivation
Pages 34-46
Klaus Rothermund, Andreas Voss and Dirk Wentura

Prepared for the Worst: Readiness to Acquire Threat Bias and Susceptibility to Elevate Trait Anxiety
Pages 47-57
Patrick Clarke, Colin MacLeod and Nicole Shirazee

Error Detection and Posterror Behavior in Depressed Undergraduates
Pages 58-67
Rebecca J. Compton, Min Lin, Gray Vargas, Joshua Carp, Stephanie L. Fineman and Lorna C. Quandt

Emotional Scenes in Peripheral Vision: Selective Orienting and Gist Processing, But Not Content Identification
Pages 68-80
Manuel G. Calvo, Lauri Nummenmaa and Jukka Hyönä

The Automaticity of Emotion Recognition
Pages 81-95
Jessica L. Tracy and Richard W. Robins

Affective Learning Increases Sensitivity to Graded Emotional Faces
Pages 96-103
Seung-Lark Lim and Luiz Pessoa

Emotional States Alter Force Control During a Feedback Occluded Motor Task
Pages 104-113
Stephen A. Coombes, Kelly M. Gamble, James H. Cauraugh and Christopher M. Janelle

The Psychophysiology of James Bond: Phasic Emotional Responses to Violent Video Game Events
Pages 114-120
Niklas Ravaja, Marko Turpeinen, Timo Saari, Sampsa Puttonen and Liisa Keltikangas-Järvinen

Looking Happy: The Experimental Manipulation of a Positive Visual Attention Bias
Pages 121-126
Heather A. Wadlinger and Derek M. Isaacowitz

Negative Emotionality Influences the Effects of Emotion on Time Perception
Pages 127-131
Jason Tipples

Modulations of the Electrophysiological Response to Pleasant Stimuli by Cognitive Reappraisal
Pages 132-137
Jason W. Krompinger, Jason S. Moser and Robert F. Simons

Big Tales and Cool Heads: Academic Exaggeration Is Related to Cardiac Vagal Reactivity
Pages 138-144
Richard H. Gramzow, Greg Willard and Wendy Berry Mendes

Appraisal-Emotion Relationships in Daily Life
Pages 145-150
John B. Nezlek, Kristof Vansteelandt, Iven Van Mechelen and Peter Kuppens

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