December 2, 2007

New issue: Emotion

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A new issue of Emotion is now out, including articles on audition and time perception, distraction and emotional bias, mood and cognition, and emotioms over time. Here, we bring the table of contents.

Emotion,  Volume 7, Issue 4

The detection of fear-relevant stimuli: Are guns noticed as quickly as snakes?

Fox, Elaine; Griggs, Laura; Mouchlianitis, Elias Abstract Permissions

How emotional auditory stimuli modulate time perception.

Noulhiane, Marion; Mella, Nathalie; Samson, S.; Ragot, R.; Pouthas, V. Abstract Permissions

Aging and goal-directed emotional attention: Distraction reverses emotional biases.

Knight, Marisa; Seymour, Travis L.; Gaunt, Joshua T.; Baker, Christopher; Nesmith, Kathryn; Mather, Mara Abstract Permissions

Clearing the mind: A working memory model of distraction from negative mood.

Van Dillen, Lotte F.; Koole, Sander L. Abstract Permissions

Processing of observed pupil size modulates perception of sadness and predicts empathy.

Harrison, Neil A.; Wilson, C. Ellie; Critchley, Hugo D. Abstract Permissions

Facial dynamics as indicators of trustworthiness and cooperative behavior.

Krumhuber, Eva; Manstead, Antony S. R.; Cosker, Darren; Marshall, Dave; Rosin, Paul L.; Kappas, Arvid Abstract Permissions

“What is in a word? No versus Yes differentially engage the lateral orbitofrontal cortex”: Correction.

Alia-Klein, Nelly; Goldstein, Rita Z.; Tomasi, Dardo; Zhang, Lei; Fagin-Jones, Stephanie; Telang, Frank; Wang, Gene-Jack; Fowler, Joanna S.; Volkow, Nora D. Abstract Permissions

Judgments of emotion from spontaneous facial expressions of New Guineans.

Naab, Pamela J.; Russell, James A. Abstract Permissions

Functional magnetic resonance imaging responses relate to differences in real-world social experience.

Eisenberger, Naomi I.; Gable, Shelly L.; Lieberman, Matthew D. Abstract Permissions

Under what conditions can human affective conditioning occur without contingency awareness? Test of the evaluative conditioning paradigm.

Dawson, Michael E.; Rissling, Anthony J.; Schell, Anne M.; Wilcox, Rand Abstract Permissions

Brain activation while forming memories of fearful and neutral faces in women and men.

Fischer, Håkan; Sandblom, Johan; Nyberg, Lars; Herlitz, Agneta; Bäckman, Lars Abstract Permissions

Emotions over time: Synchronicity and development of subjective, physiological, and facial affective reactions to music.

Grewe, Oliver; Nagel, Frederik; Kopiez, Reinhard; Altenmüller, Eckart Abstract Permissions

The prototypical pride expression: Development of a nonverbal behavior coding system.

Tracy, Jessica L.; Robins, Richard W. Abstract Permissions

The influence of sad mood on cognition.

Chepenik, Lara G.; Cornew, Lauren A.; Farah, Martha J. Abstract Permissions

“Just stop thinking about it”: Effects of emotional disengagement on children’s memory for educational material.

Rice, John A.; Levine, Linda J.; Pizarro, David A. Abstract Permissions

Context matters: The benefits and costs of expressing positive emotion among survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Bonanno, George A.; Colak, Deniz M.; Keltner, Dacher; Shiota, Michelle N.; Papa, Anthony; Noll, Jennie G.; Putnam, Frank W.; Trickett, Penelope K. Abstract Permissions

Physical abuse amplifies attention to threat and increases anxiety in children.

Shackman, Jessica E.; Shackman, Alexander J.; Pollak, Seth D. Abstract Permissions

Anger, disgust, and presumption of harm as reactions to taboo-breaking behaviors.

Gutierrez, Roberto; Giner-Sorolla, Roger Abstract Permissions

A bumpy train ride: A field experiment on insult, honor, and emotional reactions.

IJzerman, Hans; van Dijk, Wilco W.; Gallucci, Marcello Abstract Permissions

Incidental sadness biases social economic decisions in the Ultimatum Game.

Harlé, Katia M.; Sanfey, Alan G. Abstract Permissions

Fearful expressions gain preferential access to awareness during continuous flash suppression.

Yang, Eunice; Zald, David H.; Blake, Randolph Abstract Permissions

“Facial expressions of emotion influence memory for facial identity in an automatic way”: Correction to D’Argembeau and Van der Linden (2007).

D’Argembreau, Arnaud; Van der Linden, Martial Abstract Permissions

“Awareness of subtle emotional feelings: A comparison of long-term meditators and nonmeditators”: Correction to Nielsen and Kaszniak (2006).

Nielsen, Lisbeth; Kaszniak, Alfred W. Abstract Permissions

“Motivation sharpens exogenous spatial attention”: Correction to Engelmann and Pessoa (2007).

Engelmann, Jan B.; Pessoa, Luiz Abstract Permissions

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