February 20, 2007

Biological Psychiatry — Special issue on autism

autist.gifThe journal Biological Psychiatry has a special issue on the autism spectrum, its diagnosis and treatment.

It is a comprehensive yet diverse collection of multidisciplinary treatment of the issue, containing articles onautism and phenotypic homogeneity; cortical layering and thickness; cortical dysfunction; executive function and gaze fixation.

Biological Psychiatry

Volume 61, Issue 4, Pages A1-A10, 427-576 (15 February 2007)
Advances in Understanding and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders

  1. The Rapidly Expanding Field of Autism Research • EDITORIAL
    Benedetto Vitiello and Ann Wagner
  2. Recent Advances in the Genetics of Autism • REVIEW ARTICLE
    Abha R. Gupta and Matthew W. State
  3. Using the Autism Diagnostic Interview—Revised to Increase Phenotypic Homogeneity in Genetic Studies of Autism • ARTICLE
    Vanessa Hus, Andrew Pickles, Jr., Edwin H. Cook, Susan Risi and Catherine Lord
  4. Histological and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Assessment of Cortical Layering and Thickness in Autism Spectrum Disorders • ARTICLE
    Jeffrey J. Hutsler, Tiffany Love and Hong Zhang
  5. Rate of Head Growth Decelerates and Symptoms Worsen in the Second Year of Life in Autism • ARTICLE
    Geraldine Dawson, Jeff Munson, Sara Jane Webb, Theresa Nalty, Robert Abbott and Karen Toth
  6. Evidence for Cortical Dysfunction in Autism: A Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Study • ARTICLE
    Timothy J. DeVito, Dick J. Drost, Richard W.J. Neufeld, Nagalingam Rajakumar, William Pavlosky, Peter Williamson and Rob Nicolson
  7. Maturation of Executive Function in Autism • ARTICLE
    Beatriz Luna, Sara K. Doll, Stephen J. Hegedus, Nancy J. Minshew and John A. Sweeney
  8. Sensorimotor Gating Deficits in Adults with Autism • ARTICLE
    William Perry, Arpi Minassian, Brian Lopez, Leeza Maron and Alan Lincoln
  9. Placental Trophoblast Inclusions in Autism Spectrum Disorder • ARTICLE
    George M. Anderson, Andrea Jacobs-Stannard, Katarzyna Chawarska, Fred R. Volkmar and Harvey J. Kliman
  10. Relationship of Dietary Intake to Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders • ARTICLE
    Susan E. Levy, Margaret C. Souders, Richard F. Ittenbach, Ellen Giarelli, Andrew E. Mulberg and Jennifer A. Pinto-Martin
  11. Oxytocin Increases Retention of Social Cognition in Autism • ARTICLE
    Eric Hollander, Jennifer Bartz, William Chaplin, Ann Phillips, Jennifer Sumner, Latha Soorya, Evdokia Anagnostou and Stacey Wasserman
  12. Developmental Disabilities Modification of the Children’s Global Assessment Scale • ARTICLE
    Ann Wagner, Luc Lecavalier, L. Eugene Arnold, Michael G. Aman, Lawrence Scahill, Kimberly A. Stigler, Cynthia R. Johnson, Christopher J. McDougle and Benedetto Vitiello
  13. Gaze-Fixation, Brain Activation, and Amygdala Volume in Unaffected Siblings of Individuals with Autism • ARTICLE
    Kim M. Dalton, Brendon M. Nacewicz, Andrew L. Alexander and Richard J. Davidson
  14. Early Pharmacological Treatment of Autism: A Rationale for Developmental Treatment • REVIEW ARTICLE
    Terrence C. Bethea and Linmarie Sikich
  15. Positive Effects of Methylphenidate on Inattention and Hyperactivity in Pervasive Developmental Disorders: An Analysis of Secondary Measures • ARTICLE
    David J. Posey, Michael G. Aman, James T. McCracken, Lawrence Scahill, Elaine Tierney, L. Eugene Arnold, Benedetto Vitiello, Shirley Z. Chuang, Mark Davies, Yaser Ramadan, et al.
  16. Effects of Short- and Long-Term Risperidone Treatment on Prolactin Levels in Children with Autism • ARTICLE
    George M. Anderson, Lawrence Scahill, James T. McCracken, Christopher J. McDougle, Michael G. Aman, Elaine Tierney, L. Eugene Arnold, Andrés Martin, Liliya Katsovich, David J. Posey, et al.

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  1. Looks like you have to pay $ to see the article. Any chance you’d have the time to give us a synopsis? Glad to hear that it is multi-disciplinary as that is exactly what is needed.
    Best wishes

    Comment by mcewen — February 20, 2007 @ 3:16 pm

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