Quantum Mind 2007

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congress_logo_website-kopie_low.jpgQuantum Mind, 2007

University of Salzburg, Natural Science Building, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

17th-20th July

The mechanism by which the brain produces or allows for conscious experience remain enigmatic, causing scientists and philosophers to look to quantum mechanics and quantum field theories to help explain the mystery.

Along these lines, the third in a series of quadrennial conferences on quantum approaches to consciousness – Quantum Mind 2007 – will be held during July 17-21, 2007 at the University of Salzburg, Austria
Conference themes will include:
  • Biological signaling at the Quantum Scale (molecular dynamics, quantum superpositions and entanglement)
  • Classical – Quantum Correspondence
  • Gamma Synchrony Coherence – is it a quantum effect ?
  • Time and Retro-Causation
  • Quantum Logics in the Brain
  • Pan-Protopsychism and Quantum Reality
  • Neuropharmacology and Quantum Mechanics
  • Cosmology and Consciousness


  1. Dear readers,

    I would like to recommend this interesting conference. In my opinion, a complete theory of consciousness would be one of the major breakthroughs in science! However, to achieve this, consciousness researchers (e.g. neuroscientists, physicists, psychologists, philosophers etc.) will have to collaborate more closely together than they do now. In my opinion, the ‘Quantum Mind 2007’ meeting in Salzburg and the ‘Toward a Science of Consciousness 2007’ meeting in Budapest could be two very interesting opportunities to come to this dialogue. Although, I agree with several consciousness researchers (1) that there is still important theoretical- and experimental work to do with respect to the relation between quantum mechanics and (higher) brain functions; I am nevertheless of the opinion that this is the scientific way to go (see also (2)). Hoping to see you at one of these conferences,

    With kind regards,

    Maurits van den Noort

    1) Koch, C. & Hepp, K. Quantum mechanics in the brain. Nature 440, 611 (2006).
    2) Penrose, R. A theory of everything? Nature 433, 259 (2005).

    Comment by Maurits van den Noort — January 26, 2007 @ 3:07 pm

  2. The proposed “enigma” seems to look hard, yet if one gets some good “say” will he be invited to those conferences as per a fully paid invitation ( to be considered a special event, or a Key Note Address winner)? It may happen that I get the best notion but not the money to afford (self-fund) my travelexpenses. That is exactly the situation, however I successfully submitted two differnt abstracts for both conferences, one each.(May God help me convey my notions to such important conferences).

    Comment by Abujudeh, Abdellatif. A. — February 17, 2007 @ 3:31 am

  3. How an aspect of “mind” transcends space and time, i.e., precognition, was verified by senior researchers at Princeton University, School of Applied Science.

    The details conform to the theory of “acausality” – i.e., Synchronicity, as explained by Carl Jung and Prof. W. Pauli, Nobel Laureate, physics. Book, (atom and archetype) also, Synchronicity-an acausal connecting principle.

    One of the conclusions relates to a very probable supernova in Ursa Minor, (little dipper). The star Kochab, which has a long
    history in mythology, (2,467 b.c.e) went supernova in the past. This star does fit the profile as a probable supernova, having exhausted its primary fuel.

    Some highlights of the experience in news article:

    Other details available from author:

    Todd Laurence
    New York News
    Entelekk Science

    Comment by Todd Laurence — March 17, 2007 @ 2:14 pm

  4. Dear readers,
    I have provided more than fifty (50) comments about various articles appearing in this on-line Science & Consciousness Review. I thought I was providing these comments to help myselfand look qualified before the committes of Quantum Mind 2007 Conference. Unfortunately, my abstract was politely regected, due to, to the best of my knowledge (UTTER MISUNDERSTANDING). I hoped even to get a FIRST-PERSON KEYNOTE ADDRESS due to the fact that I wanted to tackle the Brain/Mind problem in ubelievably new way touching on, proving and disproving several theories possibly for most famous scientists and men of renown (the Binding Problem, the Hardest Problem, and perception). There is one major benefit for my abstract rejection i.e.: The world particularly its scientists will carry on playig the same game of turning around the bush until another Abdu “The One”, who is supposed then to be lucky enough to be heard, is endowed upon the world with the same claims and aptitude. Thanks for this magazine, thanks for the international conferecnces
    committees, thanks for my readers and finally: Good luck my dear dear dear poor world. I will weep for you all including your scientists particularly your neuroscientists esp. the most prominent among them (not to mention any by name), psychologists, and philosophers …etc. Adieu!

    Comment by Abdu "The One" — May 20, 2007 @ 6:31 am

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